Nathalie Nailly


Nathalie Nailly was born on May 8, 2000 in Berlin, Germany. She is the lead singer of girlgroup YAWAY and an actress, known for Charlie’s Angels (2019) and Spotlight (2018). Nathalie’s music career began in 2008 when she formed the girlband YAWAY because of fun at singing and dancing. Their debut single “Be Yourself” was released in 2011 through the label “Shiltom Records” Since then the group released several songs such as “Turn Up The Music” (2013), “Beautiful” (2015), “Wherever I Go” (2016), “Reflection” (2017) and their latest single “Sugar Shake” (2018). Furthermore, YAWAY engages for aid organization and children in need. Due to their commitment and dedication the girlgroup was appointed as “Ambassadors against children’s poverty” by UNICEF in 2009.


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