Giovanni Lombardo Radice


Giovanni Lombardo Radice achieved substantial cult favorite status by portraying a handful of memorably sick, sleazy, and eccentric characters who are gruesomely killed in numerous 1980’s Italian splatter pictures. He’s usually credited in these movies under the pseudonym John Morghen. Born on September 23rd, 1954 in Rome, Italy, Lombardo Radice first began acting on stage at age seventeen. Lombardo Radice made his fright film debut as David Hess’ passive’n’pathetic wimp best friend in Ruggero Deodato’s brutal “The House on the Edge of the Park.” Lombardo Radice was likewise fine and impressive as a deranged Vietnam veteran in Antonio Margheriti’s immensely entertaining “Cannibal Apocalypse,” a twitchy degenerate village idiot pervert in Lucio Fulci’s extremely gory “City of the Living Dead,” a vicious drug-crazed racist madman in Umberto Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox,” and a flamboyant homosexual in Michele Soavi’s “Stagefright.” Lombardo Radice can be briefly glimpsed as Simon Legree in a stage production of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that’s featured in Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” and had a small part as a priest in the recent “The Omen” remake. Outside of acting, Giovanni Lombardo Radice has also directed and translated both English and French language plays, penned screenplays, and directed operas.


Movie Name Release Date
Viva la libertà 27. February 2014