Mariel Sheets


Mariel Sheets was born in Spokane, Washington. She began her career at four doing local voiceover and print, and a national television commercial. At age five she attended acting classes with teenagers and adults, and traveled to New York City for the 2011 IMTA convention. She won 22 major awards, including “Child Actor of the Year” and “Most Sought After Female Talent.” This led to representation offers and a trip to Los Angeles, where she signed with CESD Talent and Landis-Simon Management. Mariel moved to LA in 2012 with her artist and photographer parents. She has two adult sisters, one adult brother and a nephew just a little older than she is. Since arriving in LA, she has appeared in films and television, theater, commercials and print campaigns, and has done voiceover (VO) for films, television, radio, Internet, computer games and animation. As a VO actor, she has played babies to teens, boys, girls, various accents, animals, creatures, sound effects, etc. Mariel loves reading, writing and acting out her own stories. She enjoys drawing and painting, and is especially adept at character design, caricatures and portraits. She skates and swims and does Improv. She is small for her age and can play younger when needed.


Movie Name Release Date
Die Peanuts – Der Film 23. December 2015