Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik is a Norwegian screen and stage actor, scriptwriter, dancer, and director based in London. She produced her first written feature film “Lighter” in 2017 and has written her second feature film “Yulia with a Y” for the Oscar winning producer, Christian Falkenberg Husum. She also put on the stage production “Naked with Burger or Man” in London 2018. Sarah-Stephanie started acting at the age of 8 performing in many professional theatre productions, touring Norway and performing at The National Theatre in Oslo. She later went into politics, diplomacy and business, graduating with a masters in International Relations from The London School of Economics in 2015. Since returning to acting in 2017 she has worked alongside Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan in “My Dinner With Herve”. She also appears as a dancer alongside Anne Hathaway in “The Hustle” and “Solo – A Star Wars Story”. Her inspiration as a writer and filmmaker comes from real people and the stories we carry. She prefers to touch on difficult and taboo topics wrapped in a layer of dark comedy.


Movie Name Release Date
Glam Girls: Hinreißend verdorben 1. January 1970