Sia Alipour


Born in Ahvaz, in the Khuzestan province in Southwest Iran, Sia (full name Siavash Alipour) moved to Belgium when he was 7, before moving again and ultimately settling in London in 2007. His father, Alireza, was captain and heavyweight fighter of the Iranian National Taekwondo Team, a long time ago in the earliest days of the sport. At age 6, Sia started to train Taekwondo under his father, and after quickly falling in love with Martial Arts, he expanded to other styles and branches, leading him to a career in Stunt work and later, acting. Following in the grand footsteps of his many action influences, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li to name but a few, his first film experience was at 17 years old as a fighter in Blockbuster sequel Kick Ass 2. After this he decided to explore the world of Stunts and action cinema. Following his experience as a stuntman on a number of films, Sia trained as an actor at various academies across London, UK, and was discovered by distinguished agents StevensonWithers Associates. His former stunt influence can still be seen in many of his action roles, and he always aims to blend his undying love for Martial Arts and movement, with his equally passionate interest in acting and character exploration.


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