Toni Servillo


Actor and director Toni Servillo was born in Afragola in 1959. In 1977 Servillo founded the Teatro Studio in Caserta for whom he directed ‘Propaganda’ (1979), ‘Norma’ (1982), ‘Billy il bugiardo’ (1983) and ‘Guernica’ (1985), amongst others. In 1986 he collaborated with the Falso Movimento group, interpreting ‘Ritorno ad Alphaville’ by Mario Martone and staging ‘E…’ on the texts of Eduardo De Filippo. Servillo became one of the founders of Teatri Uniti in 1987, continuing work as actor and director in the poetic and dramatic Neapolitan theatrical language. Such plays included: ‘Partitura’ (1988) and ‘Rasoi’ (1991) by Enzo Moscato; ‘Adda passà a nuttata’ (1989) by Eduardo De Filippo; ‘Zingari’ (1993) by Raffaele Viviani; and ‘Sabato, domenica e lunedì’ (2002), an award-winning re-working of De Filippo’s masterpiece. With Il Misantropo (1995) and ‘Tartufo’ (2000) by Molière, and ‘Le false confidenze’ (1998) by Marivaux, all translated by Cesare Garboli, he staged a triptych on 17-18th century French theatre. Toni Servillo also presented ‘L’uomo dal fiore in bocca’ (1990/96) by Luigi Pirandello; ‘Natura morta’ (1990) about the 23rd Congress of the Soviet Union Communist Party; ‘Da Pirandello a Eduardo’ (1997); and ‘L’uomo dal fiore in bocca’ coupled with ‘Sik Sik, l’artefice magico’ by Eduardo De Filippo at the Teatro San Joao in Oporto. With Mimmo Paladino he realised ‘Iliade/ Odissea’ (2001) as an installation reading from Homer’s masterpieces. He also appeared in ‘Eliogabalo’ (1981) directed by Memè Perlini; ‘I Persiani’ (1990) and ‘Edipo Re’ (2000) directed by Mario Martone; ‘Il cavaliere dell’intelletto’ (1994) by Franco Battiato; with Mariangela Melato in ‘Tango barbaro’ (1995) directed by Elio De Capitani; and in the roles of Geppetto and Fire-Eater in Andrea Renzi’s transposition of ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ (2001). In 1999 Servillo made his directorial debut in musical theatre with the first staging in modern times of ‘La cosa rara’ by Martin y Soler. This was followed by Lorenzo Da Ponte’s libretto for the Venice Opera House, where in 2000 he staged ‘Le nozze di Figaro’ by Mozart. In 2001 he realised ‘Il marito disperato’ by Cimarosa for the San Carlo Opera House in Naples and ‘Boris Godunov’ by Mussorgskij at the Teatro Sao Carlos in Lisbon, where in 2003 he also staged ‘Ariadne auf Naxos’ by Richard Strauss.


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Viva la libertà 27. February 2014