Dimiter D. Marinov


At the age of five, Dimiter believed that the classical violin would be his future. Since the age of 11, he became first violin in a youth symphony orchestra and traveled all over Western and Eastern Europe, the US and the Middle East. Following the completion of an Associate Degree in Classical Music, he discovered his passion for acting. At the age of 18, Dimiter was drafted into the Bulgarian Army which was mandatory during the Communist era. He was assigned to an Artillery Intelligence Unit. Within a year of his service, Dimiter was detained by the Peoples’ Military Tribunal. He was accused of conspiring against the Peoples’ Republic and trying to escape to the West. The verdict was three years political imprisonment. Regardless of the difficulties that followed after his prison term, Dimiter graduated with a Masters Degree as an honor student from the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film in Sofia. In 1990, Dimiter traveled throughout Europe, Canada and the United States as an actor-singer in a Bulgarian folk-jazz stage anthology entitled – Mystery Voices. Following the last performance in the United States, Dimiter defected as a political refugee in Knoxville, Tennessee. This new-found emigrant’s life would challenge Dimiter for a number of years. Without money, friends and relatives, he struggled to support himself while learning the language and trying to fit in. He took on various jobs including dishwasher, air-brush artist and a handyman. In 1993, Dimiter drives across country in his Volkswagen Bug to San Diego, California. The diverse environment helped Dimiter to find new venues to grow and establish himself as a “new American”. Playing his violin and singing in a vast number of restaurants while working as a coffee barista, he managed in 1996 to become an owner of a coffee shop, restaurant and catering business. Dimiter began his US acting career on the stage at The San Diego Repertory Theatre in 1999. In the year 2000, he pursued his passionate dream of working with young children. Partnering with Michael Ari Wulffhart they created, developed and taught numerous children educational programs for the YMCA and the San Diego Zoo. After completing a three-year business venture with his family in Costa Rica from 2006-2009, Dimiter returned to the United States in order to expand his acting career in commercials, television and film. In the Bandito Brothers production Act of Valor(2012); which was his very first US film audition (2009), Dimiter made his big screen debut as the diabolical Kerimov: the Russian scientist and smuggler. Dimiter’s “big break” was in “Green Book” (2018), a Universal Pictures/DreamWorks production directed by Peter Farrelly. Ranked fifth in cast, Dimiter co-star with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershela Ali. The film has won “People’s Choice Award” at TIFF 2018 in Canada.


Movie Name Release Date
Green Book – Eine besondere Freundschaft 1. January 1970