Kamil Lemieszewski


Often called a renaissance man by mass media, Kamil Atylla Lemie is an actor, stunt man , midwife/nurse surgeon, circus teacher & performer , dancer, writer, model, multi-sport athlete, poet , journalist and producer. He was born to a Lechian (Polish) noble family destroyed by Nazi Germans and Soviet occupation, with an army tank driver father and a tailor mother. He studied acting at the Polish Film School ( PWSFTviT ) & Stunt Craft at Polish Stunt Academy ” Dziuniek ” educated by Wladyslaw Baranski. He has been working on a number of diverse media projects around the world from Finland, Poland to Russia, Mongolia, Arabia, New Israel and UK. During studying acting he was studying Medicine at Medical University and Anthropology at University of Lodz. After Medical University and Film School Kamil joined to Puppet Theatre ” Arlekin ” and then to circus team. In meantime he was performing as model and actor on many festivals and in numbers of commercials and festivals. CEO of International Festivals in Poland and Incubator of Art, member of International Charity Organisations. Founder of House of Art in Lodz for artists and kids. Nowadays he lives in UK and acting in movies , theatre plays, commercials and in spare time is teaching kids acting and circus craft.


Movie Name Release Date
Rocketman 1. January 1970